The Thames Estuary is poised to become one of the most exciting cultural hubs in the world.

Across Essex and Kent, from Southend to Margate, the Thames Estuary has untold creative potential.

Creative Estuary will drive forward its creative and economic evolution as an international production hub and a collaborative, inspirational working space for a new generation of creative talent.

Our aim is to use culture as the catalyst for growth. Helping build a place for creative individuals and businesses to work, collaborate and grow.

Our story is one of a unique place formed over centuries by land and water.

It is where the river meets the sea — a place of production with an industrial legacy and a distinctively creative spirit. It has a long heritage as a maritime thoroughfare, with historic settlements and extraordinary stories.

It is here that we are building a future, based on creative energy and innovation, that inspires investment, enterprise and productivity – a place that will grow and prosper for generations to come.

The Estuary with its wide-open spaces, vast skies and distant views ignites the imagination. It is home to local communities that reflect the Estuary’s diversity, resilience and adaptability. Sometimes radical, often provocative, always inquisitive.

Although our ideas may be different and our spaces constantly evolving, we work together to create, to share cultural experiences and to enjoy and sustain our naturally rich and wild places.