Places often change as much as they appear to stay the same, simply because our attitudes change over time. Some of the enduring characteristics of counties such as Sussex continue to attract visitors and tell their timeless stories. But there is always the need to make narratives relevant to today.

Working with Playne Design I have helped to develop new narratives and messaging for Sussex Modern and for 1066 Country.

1066 Country of Origin and its ‘original by nature’ message reframe the Rye to Hastings coastline and its Wealden hinterland with a fresh view on the key themes that make it special. The task, in which we were joined by tourism consultants Blue Sail, led to the creation of an online playbook for how the area’s partners can start talking about their territory in new ways.

Sussex Modern, which encompasses 1066 Country and the whole of Sussex, takes its inspiration form the modernist art, craft and innovation that thrived here in the 20th century and right through to today. This year thirteen arts venues, houses and galleries combine with nine vineyards and fourteen natural landscape environments to create an art/wine/landscape interaction, plus an invitation to ‘join the dots’ between the venues and encourage the curation of individual experiences.

The campaign, now running, includes poster sites, literature and a website: www.sussexmodern.org.uk