Jim Northover questions the logic in cutting funding for arts courses, when creative minds help drive the technology and engineering sectors.

Gavin Williamson stated that planned changes to education funding (Funding cuts to go ahead for university arts courses in England despite opposition, 20 July) will be “directed towards high-cost provision that supports key industries and the delivery of vital public services”. This implies a move away from creative subjects to Stem subjects.

Given that the government’s own figures show the creative industries’ contribution to the UK economy is £111bn, closely behind financial services, what is the logic in reducing funding for educating the creative minds that will help drive technology and engineering?

I wonder if the education secretary stopped to think, for example, about those with skills in visual communication and typography, who are responsible for help making data, algorithms and coding readable on our digital screens every day.
Where will those skills be developed if not in our world-leading universities?

The case could also be made for those with skills in architecture, film-making or fashion. I fear the government has not caught up with the direction of our engineering and tech sectors.