Brand accolade for Commercial Bank

The last two years’ involvement with the Commercial Bank of Qatar has resulted in being awarded as a distinction winner in the 2014 Rebrand 100 Awards. These awards showcase some of the most effective branding programmes across the globe.

I began working on the strategy with colleagues from Industry Branding in 2011. The programme, which was launched last March, was as intense and comprehensive as any I have known, covering the brand in all its contexts from branch to web to mobile to credit cards to print and advertising. With the direct involvement and drive of the Bank’s group CEO the brand has become a means of re-engaging customers and staff alike through a powerful proposition. In re-launching the brand Commercial Bank has taken a strategic view by anticipating the future of the fast-moving market of Qatar. At the same time, the re-brand is an up-to-date and holistic restatement of the Bank’s founding aspiration, embodied in the strap line Everything is possible.

The whole story of the Bank’s brand is soon to become a case study, which I hope will provide plenty of opportunities to extract learnings for future corporate brand programmes.