Birdmarks: A new edition of screen prints

For some time I had planned to focus on making flat, graphic, semi-abstract prints of bird forms, identifiable by their unique colour combinations. Noticing a greenfinch one day from my bathroom window as it was perching in a tree, I saw that a flash of green and yellow was enough to identify it. In the same tree a black shape with a touch of grey was recognisably a jackdaw. From this encounter I started playing with different bird shapes and colours, finally selecting a series of distinctive two-colour combinations that were the essence of each bird species.

About the same time I got hold of a new book on Ellsworth Kelly. It contained this quote: “I remember vividly the first time I saw a Redstart, a small black bird with a few very bright red marks. I believe my early interest in nature taught me how to’see.'”

Detail from my own print of a Black Redstart

Another article in the New York Times described the connection between bird watching and the abstract art that Kelly made throughout his life.

The coincidence of my own discovery and Kelly’s experience encouraged me to go forward. In all there are now eight images in the series, each alluding to a different bird – essentially just abstract forms that hint at an individual species. The viewer may recognise the reference or simply enjoy the shape/colour configuration.

Jackdaw print

The edition is for sale as single prints, or as a series. Please contact me if you are interested in buying, or learning more.